About Us


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Our Blended Family

Like many modern families our church family is a “blended” family. We are a Local Ecumenical Partnership of the United Reformed and Methodist Churches, so incorporate elements of the two traditions, but always with the love of God at our centre. We celebrated coming together in July 2019 with a party! Food and faith certainly go together, along with friendship. We have a focus on pastoral care for not only our members but also for local people, with activities for children and older folk especially. We are warm and welcoming, so why not pop along and meet us? Find out where we are here.

(The joint congregation on the day we came together.)

Our Vision

We seek to serve our Saviour Jesus Christ as one body by deepening our fellowship, strengthening our commitment to mission within our own immediate community and working with other churches in our town to minister to those in need. We also recognise our wider responsibility as members of the worldwide Church to respond to the call to support God’s work both in this country and abroad. Individually and together we commit ourselves to fulfil God’s purpose through; our worship and prayer life, bearing each other’s burdens, welcoming friends and strangers, befriending the lonely and supporting all those in need, nurturing people of all ages in the faith, and in every way building up the church as part of God’s people. This is our vision.

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