Sunday Worship

10am to approximately 11am, followed by tea, coffee and biscuits for those who can stay.

Christ Risen and Crucified

We aim to offer you straightforward, easy to follow services in a relaxed setting. If you are looking for simplicity in not-too-formal surroundings, we may be right for you. We do not run a junior church at the moment but all ages are welcome and we have a very well-resourced children’s area where young ones can colour, look at books and cuddle a few furry toys during the service. We do try to value you for yourself rather than the age on your birth certificate.

Our service on a Sunday morning lasts about one hour and comprises the Entry of the Bible, prayers, a Bible reading and a reflection or sermon, four or five hymns, and a chance for exchange of personal news and requests for prayer.  The Lord’s Prayer is usually said, either in modern or, often, in traditional form. We sing, accompanied usually by a CD, and words are displayed on the screen. After the service, all are welcome to stay for coffee and chat, and if there are any children, they can take the chance for a bit of exercise in our spacious hall.

Our Minister normally leads the service on the third Sunday of the month, when we share Communion. Jacqui, our local preacher, normally leads on the second Sunday. Other services are led by other local preachers, so there is variety but always sharing God’s love.