What is Project 21?

Whichever way we look at it this has been a challenging year. The impact of Covid 19 has affected our meeting together, our ability to chat over a simple cup of tea, our opportunities to laugh and cry together. In addition we have worried over loved ones, both from the threat of Covid itself and the economic impact on jobs.

Yet in the midst of this God has strengthened the sense of calling that He has new plans for us and we are encouraged to look ahead as to how we can best fulfil our mission to our community by offering hospitality and sharing the gospel over meals and that simple cup of tea. The new downstairs kitchen that we are planning is very much part of United Emmanuel’s vision for the future. (See “Exciting News”)

This would be the hub of “family” meals both for ourselves and for the wider community. So often in the Bible we see Jesus meeting folk over food, sharing the love of God. We have the opportunity to follow in His footsteps.

Whilst we are looking at the kitchen we hope to also improve the general infrastructure of the kitchen area, remove the old shower, put in a false ceiling to provide extra storage and cut down on heating costs etc. The plan is to also improve disabled access to the hall, upgrade the disabled toilet to meet modern standards, and generally give the hall area a makeover. In short to make it a more welcoming area as we look to post Covid times when we reopen our doors to new opportunities.

Now this takes commitment. It also takes money. We are investigating grants from the two denominations, and other grant making bodies. There will be fundraising via different avenues. However we are also offering the opportunity for all our members, and friends, to make a direct donation or a pledge of a donation to be made in the first half of 2021 (by 30th June 2021).  We would hope that donations, or pledges, could be made around our Covenant Service on 10th January 2021.

Our target is £185,000. Yes, a large sum of money. However, we have already received through fundraising events, generous donations, legacy gifts and pledges £42,000 + so far. We do hope you see how encouraged we feel that God still has great plans for us at United Emmanuel.

If you feel able to contribute and would like to make a donation you can do so by making an online payment direct to our Project 12 account the details as follows (you can of course pay by cheque if you so wish):

United Emmanuel Church Tunbridge Wells

S/c 20-88-13 Ac/N 53813495

Those wishing to make a pledge please contact Richard Cannam:

Tel: 01435661393 mob:07767151965 email:

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