Exciting News!

Kitchen Refurbishment!

Exciting News indeed: At United Emmanuel we recognise our sense of calling to use our building for community building and social inclusion. Jesus calls us to share his love through word and deed, and to make sure everyone is included. So many people today are lonely, despite living with so many folk around them.

Recognising our growing sense of mission to the older folk in our neighbourhood we are embarking on a fundraising mission to redevelop our downstairs kitchen, and improve the access to our large hall. In addition we plan to improve our toilet facilities. This will enable us to continue our work with Soup Bowl and Crisis Recovery, plus expand our work to provide community meals and opportunities just to get together with our neighbours. Our stage has recently been refurbished too.

So God has given us exciting plans for the future and we look forward to the time we can all share over a meal together. If  you want to contribute to our fundraising for this exciting new development click here and go to Project 21 

Or you can contact Dave our Treasurer on holton_dave@hotmail.com, or our lead fundraiser Richard Cannam on richard.cannam@gmail.com, Tel.01435661393


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